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I recently tried my very first La Femme lacquers (see it here) and fell in love with the incredible holo selection. Today I’ll show you a few more of their beauties…

Let’s start with La Femme Alegre, a pale blue shimmery polish with tiny holographic microglitter. This polish is so pretty… it has a glow in the bottle, leaning really cool and silvery. It reminds me of the reflection of a frozen pond in winter…  Here it is at two coats with base and top coat:


Is that not pretty?


For my next manicure, I used a base polish that is simply SPECTACULAR. You know how I feel about vampy colours…  Well I don’t know how I did not purchase this beauty when it was released with the Halloween 2011 collection!

Here is China Glaze’s gorgeous Crimson, a blackened purple creme:


You can see the deep purple/slight red around the edges, but Crimson is a very, very dark purple. It was a fantastic, slightly thicker polish, enough to almost be a one-coater. And the shine!!! This was without any top coat! Though I have quite a few vampy polishes, and one that is very similar to this (A England’s Lancelot – which is just more of a blackened red), I am so glad I picked up Crimson.


Ok, enough swooning over Crimson… check out these beautiful La Femme flakies layered over it!

Here are La Femme Creative (on index and middle) and Destak (on ring and pinky) layered over China Glaze Crimson:


I just loved Creative’s blue and green, teal-looking combination over Crimson!! I liked Destak but it looks quite purple in the bottle, yet applies much more as a green-shimmering red flakie. I would have loved it to show more of the purple!


And last but not least, here is La Femme Diferenza layered over Creative on my index and middle fingers:


Another LOVE for me! Diferenza is a clear base filled with darker green with blue-reflecting flakies, topped with gold/copper-leaning flakes – so different, so gorgeous! You can see its multi-dimensional colouring in that bottle above… Cannot wait to try this over another colour, maybe a blue?

Which one is your favourite?


La Femme’s line of holographic beauties are available from Llarowe. Don’t forget to follow La Femme and Llarowe on Facebook!




(Products were provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

One of the bloggers recently started a 31-Day Challenge on Facebook at Painting Outside the Lines, and I decided to give it a go.

I’ve seen this particular challenge on a few blogs lately, and though I really don’t know if I can keep up, I thought I’d try and participate anyway. 🙂

So far it’s been a lot of fun, and one of the challenge days really inspired me….

This was a rush job, but given my adoration of white nail polishes, I fell in LOVE with this!!! It’s just a white base with Lynnderella’s Connect the Dots, which is slowly becoming my go-to top coat. CtD looks phenomenal on ANYTHING!!!!

What do you think? Do you love it as much as I do?


The other challenges included an orange day:

OPI A Good Mandarin is Hard to Find. I had no idea this was a jelly and I’ve had this for at least one or two summers!!! It is a perfect summer colour!

I then used this as a base for my next challenge which I haven’t posted yet, but here it is. Rainbow!

Let’s be honest. I could never wear this out in public but it was fun to be creative. lol.

Finally, here is another I tried just for fun: Polka Dots

Again… not sure I could wear some of these creative polishes to work but it was fun to challenge myself and create these.
Have you ever participated in these challenges? And how did you last all 30 or 31 days??


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