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I adore Shimmer Polish. You can read all about how pretty and glittery and delicate they are all over my blog, but today I bring you a beautiful siren named Marilyn. I have been eying this stunner since I saw it on Shimmer Polish’s Facebook page. It is so beautiful and deep, described as a “dark burgundy glitter” and as being a darker version of Eva & Karina.

A vampy blood red jelly base surrounds a ton of tiny deep red glitter, creating an opaque glitter bomb. This polish is so dense that it took only two coats to reach nice opacity!

I wore 2 coats of Marilyn with a coat of Gelous and another coat of top coat to smooth it out and give it a glass-like finish. Look at this beauty!


Is that not perfection?


This polish is aptly named after the screen legend because I kept thinking “Marilyn” when I wore it. It screams sex goddess!

What do you think of this beauty?

And you can find Shimmer Polish here. Be sure to like them on Facebook to participate in their contests and see the latest offers!



(Product provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)


With all of the stunning spring collections slowly being released, one that I was really excited about was the OPI collection for Disney’s Oz The Great and Powerful.  Encompasing six limited edition nail lacquers and one new Liquid Sand™ shade all inspired by Disney’s Oz The Great and Powerful, this Soft Shades release for 2013 is magical! Whimsical, pretty, soft yet sparkly, there are 3 gorgeous soft shades in white, beige and pink: Don’t Burst My Bubble, Glints of Glinda and I Theodora You, as well as three glittery shades packed with white, gold and silvery iridescent confetti: Lights of Emerald City, When Monkeys Fly! and Which is Witch?, as well as a new Liquid Sand shade called What Wizardry is This? based on James Franco’s the Wizard of Oz.

Today I bring you the three gorgeous nudes, stunning jelly shades that I dare you not to fall in love with!

First up, the soft pink confection of I Theodora You. This is a cotton-candy-leaning pink polish, though of the softest, jelly variety. I Theodora You is perfection at either 2 or 3 coats, and unlike some previous sheer polishes, I had no issues with application or streaking. I am totally and utterly in love. I Theodora You, I adore you:


That shine. That beautiful touch of decadent colour. And I have to tell you, the wear on these was incredible. I had I Theodora You on for five days with nary a chip. And the jelly sandwiches! I can’t wait to jelly sandwich all of these!!

Here is another shot in a cooler light:


The next polish is distinctly different from the other two, a beige-nude with a definite yellow undertone. Glints of Glinda almost looks like a sheer wash of toffee in the bottle, and applies very light. I should have used three coats for this one but here are two coats with base and top coat:


I loved the beige nude of Glints of Glinda. I know this is a neutral that not everyone will love because not everyone can wear the yellow undertones, but for me, this is like a manicure-hands-lite. It’s a great nude shade and I can imagine it will look fantastic with a tan!  Here is one more picture of it:


And last but not least, we have the soft-white of Don’t Burst My Bubble, a white jelly with the slightest hint of pink. This polish reminded me so much of Bubble Bath, and I will have to do a comparison for you, because Bubble Bath is one of those OPI polishes that I have been wearing for longer than I care to admit. I have gone through bottles (and bottles) of Bubble Bath, so I knew right away that I would fall for Don’t Burst My Bubble. Another beautiful creme, this was a dream to apply and to wear. Here are two coats over base and top coat:

OPI_Oz_DontBurstMyBubble2Isn’t that dreamy? Here is one more pic:


The formula on all three of these was a dream. I had no issues with streaking, something that is sometimes attributed to these light shades, and unlike some previous jellies that I have run to buy only to be disappointed, these shades are incredibly shiny, down to the last day of wear. And longevity was another bonus – I wore all of these for days and removed them after about 5 days. No chips.

This collection will be available shortly! It will be arriving at the beginning of March 2013 at Professional Salons and spas. For more information, visit, follow OPI on Twitter @OPI_PRODUCTS and become a Facebook fan!


I have to run now. Must hit the stores to buy a backup… or three. I am in love!




(Products provided for review and consideration. All opinions are my own.)


One of my favourite recent indie collections is another one from Aphrodite Lacquers. Inspired by the Shakespearean star-crossed lovers, the Romes & Jules Collection is Valentine’s Day perfection personified. With names such as Montagues, Misadventure and Two Star-Crossed Lovers, and colours ranging from white to red and pink glitter, this selection of polishes is beautiful for the girly-girl and the vamp-polish-lover.

Today I bring you three polishes from this collection, and I couldn’t be more excited as Rebecca, Aphrodite’s amazing creator, recently added five more beauties to this collection!! And wait until you see these!

First up, Two Star Crossed Lovers, described as a light purple polish, with different purple and holo glitters, along with a hidden purplish-pinkish shimmer. Subtle, deliciously-squishy jelly and gorgeous!! If you don’t know, Aphrodite Lacquers has become known for their amazing jelly bases – the polishes look like layers of glitter are suspended in milky clouds on your fingers. Here are two coats of Two Star Crossed Lovers with base coat – before top coat!! This collection is incredibly shiny… have a look:

Aphrodite_TwoStarCrsdIs that not beautiful?


The next colour is Wherefore Art Thou – one of my favourite expressions from the Romeo and Juliet story, and a beautiful light pink polish, with tons of different pink and holo glitters and a hidden purplish-pinkish shimmer that dances in the light. Once again, two coats over base… no top coat:

Aphrodite_WhereforeArtThouSome of the glitter in Wherefore Art Thou is holographic and just stunning!


The last polish for today is the one I was most excited about, mainly because it has a milky white base, my favourite! Violent Delights is a white jelly polish, packed with white glitters of various sizes and all the different pink and purple glitters from this collection, and holo microglitters scattered throughout. It actually contains all of the different glitters used in this collection!! How cool is that?

This one is literally packed with glitter. Packed. I will try wearing it over my favourite white jelly, OPI’s Funny Bunny next time, to both use it more sparingly and to reduce the chances of glitter overload. Here are two coats of this beauty:


Click on the picture to enlarge it and see the detail, because it is like a jelly sandwich in a bottle. If you follow my blog, you know how I feel about jelly and squishy polishes. If you’re like me, you NEED this!!!


These beauties, along with the recent additions to the Romes & Jules collection, were just released on Aphrodite’s Etsy shop!

For more pictures and the latest news, don’t forget to follow Aphrodite Lacquers on Facebook and on Twitter! And don’t forget, my contest is open for another two days, and you can win your very own bottle of Violent Delights from Aphrodite (along with 2 more of her beauties)!! Enter here!


So which one is your favourite? And have you managed to snag any of these pretties?

Today I bring you a few more of the OPI Mariah Carey polishes, a fantastic collaboration with the Diva herself! My first review of this collection for Can’t Let Go, one of the new Liquid Sand™ shades that OPI debuted polishes with Mariah Carey’s launch, can be seen here!


Another Liquid Sand™ shade from the Stage Shades part of this collection is The Impossible, which contains the same matte sand-like textured finish infused with reflective sparkle, as Can’t Let Go, but this time in a gorgeous bright reddish-fuchsia base. The base is actually a jelly finish and builds up from a sheer first coat to a nice, even bright and blue-based red. I love that this polish has star confetti – too cute! The only trouble was actually catching any of the stars (which are larger pieces) on your brush… I had to dig a little to get any on my nail. Here are 2 generous coats on my nails (see my previous review to learn about the drying time):


Isn’t that pretty? I was surprised by how much I adored this colour!

Now look at The Impossible with a shiny finish:

OPI_MC_TheImpossibleShinyHow AMAZING does that look??

As I mentioned before though, get ready to layer on the top coat, because this is a huge top coat-eater. Which look do you prefer, matte or shiny?


The next polish from the Mariah Carey for OPI collection that I have for you is Sprung, more of a “regular” polish – a shimmery copper beauty! Sprung is part of the Studio Shades quartet, and is a deep reddish copper containing tiny gold, copper and rose shimmers for a complex and very sparkly glass-fleck finish. I did not think I’d love this colour so much, but it is perfection, and one of those rare colours that will suit a huge range of skintones. Not only that, but it’s perfectly every-day and office-appropriate.

Here are three thin coats, as this polish tends to be a little on the thin side:

OPI_MC_SprungClick on the pic to see the detail on this polish.


I decided to spruce this polish up a little by adding some gold glitter, courtesy of the new OPI collection for Disney’s Oz The Great and Powerful. Here is a little gradient with When Monkeys Fly:


I have to admit, when I first saw the press release for the OPI Oz collection, I couldn’t wait to see When Monkeys Fly, because it not only has large gold hex glitter, but also tiny holographic glitter pieces in a clear base. Unfortunately though the large glitters are rounded and three-dimensional, making it difficult to lay them flat on the nail using just the brush. It’s still a gorgeous glitter, but probably needs tweezers to flatten the gold pieces. 🙂


Hope you have enjoyed today’s post, and don’t forget to enter my Blogaversary Giveaway!




(Products provided for review and consideration. All opinions are my own.)

Happy holiday Monday, everyone! (If you’re lucky enough to celebrate Family Day or President’s Day today. 🙂 )

Today I have part two of my 1-year Blogaversary Giveaway for you!!

You can enter to win 3 amazing prizes from these fabulous indies:

  1. Win 3 gorgeous Aphrodite Lacquers: Violent Delights, Ciel and Quasar, all recently released polishes, and all among my very favourites! Check out Aphrodite’s shop here!
  2. Our next prize is 3 gorgeous Shimmer Polishes: Kelly, Jasmine and Jennifer! If you haven’t used Shimmer Polish, they are among the sparkliest fine glitter polishes and so beautiful! Check Shimmer out here.
  3. And last but not least, win any 3 polishes from Contrary Polish’s Love Lyrics Collection!! Check them out here!

Good luck everyone!! Enter to win here: My Blogaversary giveaway and on my Facebook page!



Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Perfect for this very pink, red and heart-shaped holiday, today I bring you two polishes from Rainbow Honey’s latest collection, The Sweet Talk Collection!

Rainbow Honey has sweet down pat. From the cute packaging and delivery of its products…


…to the beautiful boxes…


This is one adorable delivery!

Now the polishes. The white jelly is called Sweet Talk, an “adorably sweet blend of pastel glitters in a white jelly with a soft pink shimmer” while XOXO is a clear base of a “ravishing blend of glitters, microflakes, and shimmers with an awesome holographic sparkle.” Just gorgeous!

Here are two coats of Sweet Talk, the kind of polish I adore, with its gorgeous white base:

RainbowHoney_SweetTalkSunIn the sun above, and in the shade below:



And now a gradient glitter using XOXO. I love the very pink look of this glitter – so girly and pretty!


Aren’t they beautiful?

This collection is available at Rainbow Honey’s store  along with their other stunning polishes, and check out its list of partner retailers in other countries here.

Don’t forget to follow Rainbow Honey on Facebook for the latest news and sneak peeks!




(Products were provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

Back in November, OPI announced a huge collaboration with superstar and superdiva Mariah Carey. The time has come to reveal the beautiful shades, and today I have the first for you, a beautiful OPI Liquid Sand™ shade! OPI debuted Liquid Sand polishes with Mariah Carey’s collection, sparkly yet matte sand-like polishes with a textured, matte finish infused with reflective sparkle, and it is a really different finish! I like that OPI launched this new product with Mariah’s polish collection, essentially coming to market with TWO cool new things! The collection is divided into two parts, the Studio Shades (ranging from pink glitter to rich plum crème), and the Stage Shades (which include the four Liquid Sand polishes).

Liquid Sand polishes are a little different to both wear and apply. The directions ask that you apply a base coat, followed by 2 coats of polish, allowing each coat to dry a little. Liquid Sand polishes take some time to dry… they are quite thick due to the texture, and since you can’t finish off with a fast-drying top coat, you end up waiting for the polish to dry. (Waiting was weird for me too lol!) It wasn’t too long – it took a good 20 min for mine to dry to the touch.

Here is Can’t Let Go, a rich matte purple from the Stage Shades:


It is a GORGEOUS and vibrant purple!

You can see the texture in this angled shot with flash:


I have to admit, the Liquid Sand finish is very cool, and very now.  However, it felt a little as though I had a rough edge to my nail, the way it caught on everything lol… having textured polish on your nails really requires getting some used to! I kept wanting to pick at it, not to mention, it was pulling on my knitting haha. So definitely give yourself some time to adjust… but it is very, very pretty. And the sparkle is a nice surprise on such a matte background!


Well you know I wasn’t going to finish this post without showing you an alternate look:


That is Can’t Let Go with two really thick layers of top coat! This polish was a top coat-eater… I could have easily applied a third coat!Isn’t it gorgeous though?? I adored the way it looked with top coat!! It was as though I was wearing two different polishes. And the shiny version is crazy sparkly, and brings the vibrant purple to life in a different way. Just stunning!!

And you will be curious, I’m sure, so I will tell you that removal was surprisingly easy! It was nowhere near as difficult as glitter removal – no foil wraps! I held the cotton ball soaked in remover over a nail for a few seconds, and the Liquid Sand wiped off! Not bad for so much glitter!

So what do you think about this new texture, and do you like Can’t Let Go?





(Product provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

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