OPI Funny Bunny

Following yesterday’s post of my Monet-inspired OPI Funny Bunny and Shimmer Polish jelly sandwich, I thought it only appropriate to dedicate a quick post to the canvas of one of my favourite manicures…


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This delicate jelly sandwich (detailed here) was built upon my newest favourite white jelly polish, OPI’s Funny Bunny. Funny Bunny was released in 2007’s Garden Party collection for spring. I know, it does seem like a really old polish now that I type that out! However, it is perfection bottled. A perfect soft white, Funny Bunny is a clean white jelly leaning slightly warm rather than blue-based. It’s not warm enough to be yellow which I love! It’s like a crisp white linen shirt…

Unlike last year’s NY Ballet Collection, a collection of very sheer jellies which I wanted to love but didn’t due to the 3 – 4 coats needed to achieve any hint of colour or coverage, Funny Bunny only needs two nice coats for beautiful and even coverage. A white that self-levels? Sign me up!

Here it is, with only two coats and base/top coat:


I am in love.

How do you like Funny Bunny?



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  1. Lovely! I’m always looking for a good white jelly base. I have OPI’s Don’t Touch My Tutu and Essie’s Marshmallow, but they can be a bit streaky. Funny Bunny looks gorgeous! I’ll have to go buy a bottle. =) BTW, AWESOME to see another knitter on the scene who loves polish! I love those fingerless gloves you posted. I’m working on an infinity scarf right now with a kind of celtic knotwork cables, but once I”m done I’ll give those gloves a whirl!

    1. Aw thanks! I almost purchased Don’t Touch My Tutu many times, but kept leaving it behind as I also found it streaky and way too sheer… I have some of the other OPI NYC Ballet collection and they need 4 coats to show colour.
      Some of my other faves include OPI’s Bubble Bath and Pinking of You but both are more pink. Funny Bunny is my new fave white jelly!!
      Yay, that sounds so nice! Please share pics on my FB when you’re done the scarf! I just moved but am itching to start on those fingerless gloves myself… I purchased the whole magazine for that one pattern 🙂 xo

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