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For our fifth and final Go Pink Wednesday, I bring you a very special guest blogger! My sister, Ms. Nearly-Obsessed! Hope you enjoy this post!

For this final Go Pink Wednesday, I could not decide which pink to feature from the Selena Gomez for Nicole by OPI Collection…
So first a little background on how we got our painted paws on this very pretty, unreleased collection:

A few weeks ago, The Obsessed was invited to an exclusive bloggers dinner in Toronto with the one and only Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI’s Creative Director! The dinner was held at Ciao, an upscale restaurant located in Toronto’s posh Yorkville district.

I was fortunate enough to be able to tag along and thoroughly enjoyed the intimate setting where approximately a dozen or so local bloggers chatted with Suzi.

Here we are with Suzi! (I’m on the right)

At the end of our wonderful evening, we were presented with gift bags that were filled with all 14 nail lacquers from the upcoming Selena Gomez Collection!!

While we have yet to swatch and wear every single polish, I was excited to use the two pinks from this collection for this final breast cancer awareness post. I simply loved the combination of the soft and darker pink together, and what better way to end Go Pink Wednesday than to bring you not one but TWO gorgeous pinks!

The deeper pink is called Spring Break – a very appropriate name. It is fresh, fun and screams Spring without being too loud or office-inappropriate. This polish applies like a dream and is perfectly thick, without being sticky or streaky.

The softer pink is called Naturally – a more subdued pink hue that I think can be worn year round. The most beautiful thing about Naturally is the subtle tiny macro glitter that leaves the slightest pink and silver shimmer on your nails.

These polishes, along with the entire Selena Gomez for Nicole by OPI Collection, will be available in January 2013.

For more information on this stunning collection, visit, follow them on twitter, and become a Facebook fan!

Did You Know?

Every 2 minutes, there is a new breast cancer diagnosis.
Every 14 minutes, a life is lost to the disease.
Over 40,000 people will die this year; about 400 of them will be men.
85% of all diagnoses have no family history.
1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer.
Breast cancer is the leading cause of death in women between ages 40 and 55.

Let’s work together to banish this horrific disease that has touched so many of us, either personally or through family and friends.
And remember, early detection provides us with the greatest odds of beating the battle against breast cancer.


Final note:

A huge THANK YOU to the wonderful Andrea from Finger Painting Fingers for organizing this incredible effort in October. Andrea, you and your mom’s inspirational story are amazing!!!! I have loved participating in this every week, and though I thought that there was no way I could contribute weekly, with the help of some amazing guest-bloggers I have been able to bring you a new pink every week. Hope you enjoyed this as much as us bloggers! xoxo


In keeping with the rather grey and dreary weather fueled by Hurricane Sandy today, I thought I would bring you gorgeous greys:  one of my favourite Shimmer Polishes with my very favourite a-England Gothic Beauty!

a-England, a bijoux brand that I simply adore, recently released a dark collection named Gothic Beauties. I adore vamps and had to have all five polishes the moment Adina released them!!

And today I bring you my first review of this collection, featuring the gorgeous Dorian Gray. All of the Gothic Beauties have the beautiful black a-England Camelot as a base, and Dorian Gray is as dark of a gunmetal grey as you can get, even shining in a pearly black in some lights.  This beautiful metallic gunmetal is described as “an intensely sinister pewter grey, forged with a forgiving deep golden shimmer.” And how sinister it is! The deep golden shimmer is very subtle, allowing Dorian to reflect in more of a metallic sheen.
Like many of my a-Englands, Dorian Gray was a one-coater — thick and self-levelling, and really not needing a second coat (though I did apply one). The best part? It’s a smooth, liquid thicker polish, drying quickly and evenly, showing nary a brush stroke.

Here it is, two coats over a coat of The Knight basecoat, topped with a coat of The Shield top coat:

Indoor light


I love how dark and truly sinister it looks with flash:

With flash

Do you see that golden, blueish shimmer?

As if Dorian Gray wasn’t spectacular enough on its own, I added this incredible Shimmer Polish that I adored the moment it arrived: Shimmer Vanessa, a slightly darkened jelly base featuring pewter, silver and red glitters, with some black thrown in for good measure. You would think such a dark polish may be subdued, but not Vanessa. It was sparkling in the dimmest light!!! It was simply spectacular!

Here is one coat over my previous Dorian Gray mani:

Full sun

It was insanely sparkly!!! People stopped me to compliment this manicure!

Here is a macro for you to drool over 🙂

Tell me that is not a swoon-worthy polish!


I love how elegant this mani turned out. It was sparkly and party-ready, but not in-your-face. I wore this mani to a concert at a classic concert hall, with a gorgeous black dress… it was perfection!


You can purchase a-England’s Gothic Beauties (along with all their other beauties) directly on their website, from Nail Polish Canada, or from their US stockist Llarowe.

And you can find Shimmer Polish here. Be sure to like them on Facebook to participate in their contests and see the latest offers!





(Some product was provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

Today I bring you part 2 of the gorgeous OPI Skyfall Collection. The polishes are divided into two groups: the Dangerous and the Seductive shades, and I previously reviewed some of the Seductive collection here. Let’s look at some of the gorgeous Dangerous shades today!

First up, a gorgeous “blurple” polish that I adored and still have on from my last pedi, Tomorrow Never Dies.

I love OPI’s description of this:  This eternally intense purple will live forever.

Tomorrow Never Dies is a perfect, gorgeous deep indigo purple with a hidden, duochrome-y red and blue shimmer. The polish was amazing. It’s deep enough to be perfect for fall, but it has this amazing luminosity… it glows from within. And look at that shimmer!!! It is incredible!

I used 2 coats for these pictures, over base coat, with one coat of top coat. Application was perfect and easy.


And one more:

I just adore Tomorrow… loved everything about it! The best part? It was super-shiny and non-staining upon removal!


Next up, Moonraker, a beautiful, very metallic, grey-tinged silver polish. It is so metallic it almost reminded me of stainless steel appliances… I absolutely loved the cool steeliness of this colour. However, the formula was something else. It was… lumpy, thin. I am not sure where the formulation went wrong, but this polish not only shows brush strokes, I couldn’t even go over an area twice or else it dragged the polish away and created a bald spot. I was disappointed in this formula. Hopefully OPI reads the reviews and reformulates because, you know what, it is a gorgeous, gorgeous polish once on!!

I used 2 generous coats for these pics (over base coat, with top coat):


Look at this colour in the sun! It is the perfect polar opposite of OPI Goldeneye:

And the third colour in my Dangerous Shades review, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, was one I debated posting here… It was so very close to one of my recent untrieds, Zoya FeiFei, that I wondered whether to devote an entire post just to comparing the two! (And why oh why have I not worn FeiFei yet!)

OPI’s description of Majesty’s is: This misty-green pewter commands attention.

It is a stunning pewter, densely packed with tiny, tiny multi-colour shimmers, the most visible of which I found to be gold, blue and green. It is so glittery, and has an almost holographic effect. It was pretty sheer at one coat… have a look:

But still quite shiny (just one coat over base–isn’t it crazy?)!
Though it goes on quite sheer, I love how the second coat leads to perfect opacity. I found I could wear Majesty’s Secret Service with 2 generous coats, not needing a third. Look at that holographic sparkle!!

I couldn’t resist adding a comparison to Zoya FeiFei, a similarly beautiful pewter sparkler. Can you tell which is Zoya and which is OPI?

They are very similar. Zoya is slightly more blue-leaning, with tiny blue shimmers, whereas OPI On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is a green-leaning pewter. It was really hard to capture the differences in a photo, but OPI definitely provides more coverage than Zoya FeiFei. Zoya needed a good three coats to achieve opacity – it was really sheer, while I have on only 2 coats of OPI above.


Here they are, identified:

Were you able to tell them apart?


Overall, I simply loved the Skyfall collection. The colours were gorgeous and different, and I love that OPI came out with different lines to commemorate 50 years of James Bond and the Skyfall movie! (See the Seductive shades here and check out the incredible OPI Magnetics here!!)


Don’t forget that OPI has released a mini set of 4 beauties for the holiday season: Bond-ettes features four shimmery shades from the new limited edition Skyfall lacquers. The Bond-ettes mini set features a spectrum of light to dark shimmers: GoldenEye, The Spy Who Loved Me, Live and Let Die, and The World is Not Enough.

For more information, visit, follow them on twitter, and become a Facebook fan.

This collection, as well as the mini set, is now at salons and stores, including Nail Polish Canada for online shopping convenience!

Hope you get your hands on a few of these beauties… which do you love the most?



And to wrap up my OPI Skyfall Collection reviews, enjoy the Skyfall preview!!! I will be watching this movie as soon as it is released – happy birthday to me! 🙂





Week 4…. already!! Only 1 more week left in our joint Go Pink effort to in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month.  A whole slew of bloggers are sharing our pink manis every Wednesday throughout October… which is quickly nearing an end.

Today I wanted to bring you another fun mani!

Let’s start with this gorgeous, shiny and summery colour, which has totally won over my heart. Nubar’s Rouge, a hot pink creme polish, was a big surprise for me in a fall collection (read about it here!), but it has become a big favourite of mine. Hot pink to brighten up a dreary fall day? YES please!!

Isn’t it amazing?? Look at that bright and happy pink goodness! (Ok now I have just convinced myself I need to change polish. Again. To that beauty. And it’s late. LOL)

Now wait till you see how incredible Rouge looks as a base for this stunning gradient. Shimmer Sophie over Rouge!!

I so did not want to take that off!!! It is So incredibly beautiful!!! Even more so in real life!

To learn more about prevention, go to the Canadian Cancer Society or to the American Cancer Society.

Together we can make a difference!

Are you liking the pink manis so far? 🙂


Today I have for you a few beauties from nubar’s latest collection, Simplicity Meets Elegance. This is a fall collection that is a gorgeous mix of brights and muted colours, a little unusual for fall, in an amazing way.

Nubar’s description of this collection: This season nubar brings you eight new, high-fashion colors with the “Simplicity meets Elegance” Collection. Classic shades of Royal Blue, Terra-Cotta, Espresso, and Velvet Silver add a simple, sophisticated flare to any wardrobe basics. Luxurious colors like Romance, Rouge, Mystique, and Chartreuse add an elegant touch. And elegant and classic they are.

This was my first nubar experience, and I was impressed. All three of the colours I tried had an almost jelly-like quality, leaning a little sheer but building to perfect coverage on 2 or 3 coats (depending on how thick or thin your coats are). The best part? Shine, shine, shine!!!!

The first of the three colours I have is Espresso, a very dark, muted, almost greyish brown. Perfection for fall, it almost is the exact same colour as espresso. It was hard to see this colour in the bottle shots, but in person, and on the nail, it is incredible and rich.

I used 2 generous coats of polish over a base coat, with no top coat so you could see the incredible shine. On its first coat, this polish was extremely sheer, almost jelly-like. However, it dried very quickly, and I topped that off with a generous second coat, which provided full coverage. One nice thing about all three of these nubar polishes was how they self-leveled on the second coat.

Isn’t it gorgeous?

In the shade photo below, you can really see its jelly quality:

Up next, the other colour I had been eyeing, a beautiful medium-toned grey, Velvet Silver. This was more of a creme than Espresso, but still very sheer on its first coat. I could have gone for a third coat, but with my two generous coats, it provided beautiful and full coverage. Isn’t it a stunning grey, perfect for fall and winter?

And finally, a huge surprise for a fall collection, Rouge, a gorgeous, hot pink creme. Out of the three colours, this was the least sheer, and applied quite nicely on its first coat. I LOVE that nubar threw in a bright pink for fall – how unconventional and exciting! And for those of us who love our greys and browns and blacks in our fall wardrobe (I’m looking in the mirror here!), what a nice pop of colour!

I was so lucky to have such a beautiful and sunny day today to capture the essence of these colours…

And I love them. I was so happy with the quality of these polishes, and their amazing high-shine finish, without a top coat! I wore Espresso for nearly a week with nary a chip. I am definitely going to be looking out for nubar’s next collection!

Oh and because I was so obsessed with Velvet Silver, I had to play with it. Look how perfectly it dresses up:

That is a subtle gradient of Shimmer Polish Jennifer, previously reviewed here. Isn’t it dreamy??

nubar products contain no toluene, DBP or added formaldehyde.

About Nubar: Since year 2000 Nubar has pioneered safer nail polish, free of formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP (phthalate). They have gone further than other brands to also make their polish vegan and cruelty free. Nubar has accomplished this while still refusing to sacrifice quality or style.
Get your very own nubar Simplicity Meets Elegance colours from Nail Polish Canada, and anywhere else nubar is sold. Hurry though… I’m not sure how long these gorgeous beauties will be available!


(Products were provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

I recently won one of Shimmer Polish’s amazing Facebook contests, and the lovely Cindy asked me what my favourite colour was. When I told her it was blue but not necessarily blue polish, she sent me Jennifer, a very pale blue glitter polish.

I was shocked when I saw Jennifer in person – it’s so much more than blue!!! It is a clear base, packed full of multi-colour glitters in different sizes that combine to create a pretty and periwinkle blue shade… it’s actually made up of silver, blue, pink, turquoise and some black glitters. It is stunning!

My base colour was from the newest Nicole by OPI Kardashian Kollection: Deck the Dolls. I love this polish but did not manage to get a perfect photo, so for that, I apologize! You can still see how gorgeous it is though:

Deck the Dolls is a deep metallic teal – a perfectly muted teal, perfect for the fall season. I simply adore the metallic shimmer of this polish!!! On its first coat, this polish was quite sheer. It actually was a little thin when I started to apply it, which made me nervous, but with a generous second coat, it provided perfect coverage.  What people sometimes forget is the advantage of a slightly thinner polish: it dries super-quickly! I wore Deck the Dolls over base coat, and topped it with my China Glaze Fast Forward top coat. You want to know the best thing about Deck the Dolls??? NO staining, even after nearly a week of wear!! (And I was worried. Blues and greens and all their variations have often stained my nails.)

On to gorgeous Jennifer from Shimmer Polish.

As soon as I wore Deck the Dolls, I wanted to pair it with Jennifer. What do you think?

Jennifer is SO pretty, and I cannot wait to pair it with another base. Or two. Maybe a nude or a pink. Or white or black (my faves!)!! I also love how each bottle of Shimmer has a tiny little heart sticker in a matching colour to the polish on the label. Can you say, adorable??

The Nicole by OPI Kardashian Kollection’s latest colours will be released in November (see more colours here), wherever Nicole by OPI is sold! Follow them on Facebook for the latest news!

Get your very own Shimmer Polish here, and be sure to like them on Facebook (maybe you’ll win a bottle soon!).


(Products were provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

Nicole by OPI has collaborated with the Kardashians again for six new limited-edition Kardashian Kolors! These are being released just in time for the holiday season, hitting store shelves in November 2012. They are gorgeous!

“Whether celebrating the holidays traditionally at home with the entire family or jet-setting the season away, the Kardashians spread cheer with glitz and glamour, starting with their nails!” declares Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, Nicole by OPI Executive VP & Artistic Director. “The six captivating Kardashian Kolor Holiday shades offer the perfect way to add lots of color to this joyous time of year. Wear vibrant red, purple and teal for a jewel-toned look, or glittery gold, silver, and blue glitter for a classic holiday sparkle – both important trends for the season.”

The new Kardashian Kolor Holiday nail lacquers from Nicole by OPI include:


Keeping Up with Santa
Deep. Rich. Red. Must be Santa.


Kardashing Through the Snow
Jingle all the way in this multi-hued glitter.


A Gold Winter’s Night
Baby, it’s warm inside….especially in this blue-flecked gold shimmer.


All is Glam, All is Bright
This rosy silver sparkle goes with everything.

Here We Kome A-Karoling
This deep, grape purple will make your heart sing.


Deck the Dolls
Accessorize teal you drop!

I will bring you a review of a few of these in the next few days! The first one I tried was pretty impressive…. so hang tight!


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