VIP Room….

Today I have for you another absolutely BEAUTIFUL polish from the incredible Aphrodite Lacquers’ latest collection, Friday Night Glitter Bombs, or FNGB as they’re affectionately called.

This is a really fun collection of glittery top coats. If you follow my blog, or own any Aphrodite Lacquers, you’ll know that this is a little different for the brand. All of Rebecca’s collections to date have been colour or white nail polishes with glitter, cream or jelly consistency, not top coat polishes. That’s what I love about FNGBs – they are so different! And sparkly!!! (If you don’t believe me, also have a look at my last post!)

Enough reading…. here is VIP Room!

I just LOVE this bottle shot!!

And here it is over 2 coats of Zoya Snow White. (You guys know how I feel about white bases….adore!)

Full sun

What is so cool about VIP Room is that the glitter is actually clear and iridescent, not pink or purple or yellow like it appears here. It sparkles in a very blueish, icy way in some light (like the bottle shot), and in other light, it reflects a rainbow of colours. Its creator describes it as “a sheer aqua base, with an aqua shimmer, aqua micro glitter, and iridescent squares that are kind of bluish and purpley and teal.” It is mesmerizing!!!

Here is another pic:


I think this polish would also look incredible with other base colours, maybe black, or even in a jelly sandwich!!

This beauty is available on Aphrodite Lacquers’ Etsy shop along with the rest of this glittery collection. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter for sneak pics and all the latest news!!

Have you tried any Aphrodites?
What do you think about my white base with VIP?


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  1. Oh wow. Love that the glitter is clear…I don’t know that I’ve seen that before. And what gorgeous photos!!
    XO – Marion

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