Birds of a Feather…

As I was downloading pictures off my camera today to start preparing for a few blogs, I was so distracted by this beauty that I had to get to these pictures first. I was REALLY distracted. And for good reason.

Rebecca from Aphrodite Lacquers, one of my very favourite indie brands, recently sent me a few of her newest beauties to adore, erm, I mean, review. These polishes are stunning, like all of her polishes. And the very first one I have for you is a GEM!!

Peacock Earrings is part of her latest, the Friday Night Glitter Bombs collection, a collection of glittery topcoats. And glittery they are!! Peacock is a clear base with fine holo shimmer, multi-size black and white square glitters, with some teal, purple and blue holo microglitter tossed in for good measure. And it’s a sweet polish too: Rebecca dedicated this beauty to her sister Hannah, who recently pierced her ears so she could wear a pair of peacock earrings! 🙂

She nailed it (pardon the pun) with Peacock Earrings. Check out this macro shot:

It really reminded me of this:


The bottle macro looks amazing. I love the colour combination and this polish truly evokes a pair of beautiful peacock feather earrings.

But I was not ready for this:

Full sun

The sparkle in this polish was blinding! Here I wore a generous coat of Peacock Earrings over 2 coats of China Glaze’s Liquid Leather (with China Glaze’s base and top coats), and what a combo this was!  I originally wanted to try it over another base colour, but I simply couldn’t. Peacock literally lit up this mani, and I wasn’t ready to see it on another colour just yet.

Let’s look at some more pictures:

I love the way the holo glitters light up in different colours!

in the shade

Peacock dazzles even in the shade!!

I don’t always take flash pictures because they can distort the colour, but Peacock looks amazing with flash:

With flash

The flash really brought out the blue and teal in the polish. I’m in love!

Peacock Earrings is available on Aphrodite Lacquers’ Etsy shop along with the rest of this beautiful glittery collection. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter for sneak pics and all the latest!

More reviews of Friday Night Glitter Bombs coming soon too!

What did you think of this glittery gem? 🙂



(Some products were provided for consideration and review.)

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