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The wonderful Andrea from Finger Painting Fingers recently invited me to join her cause to “Go Pink” for the month of October in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Not only have I turned my blog pink for this month, but along with a large group of amazing bloggers, we will support “Go Pink Wednesday” by sporting and blogging our pink manis each Wednesday in October, starting with Wednesday, October 3rd!!!

Here is the list of bloggers who have joined Finger Painting Fingers in her cause this month:


THINK PINK in October and help by joining the cause here, or share your pink manis on my Facebook page!

To learn more about prevention, go to the Canadian Cancer Society or to the American Cancer Society.

Together we can make a difference!



I have a slight problem with distraction. Sometimes I plan things out a certain way, e.g. the way I had planned to swatch then write a few reviews, but then somewhere along the line this amazing polish combination completely distracted me!!

First off, I have to thank the amazing Thea from Munchy’s Nails for introducing me to this stunning polish. She did a review not too long ago using Revlon Royal as undies (read it here), and I was blown away!! A gorgeous, deep, royal blue? (My favourite colour!) But one that is also a JELLY?? Get me to the drugstore!

To be honest, I might be called a bit of a drugstore snob… I haven’t owned a Revlon polish in longer than I’d like to admit. There is so much selection within the “pro” lines and indies of the world that I generally don’t get to shop for polish at a drugstore. But let me tell you, I was at the drugstore during my next lunch hour for Revlon Royal!

Have a look:

And that is just ONE coat since I was using it as a base. Is this not amazing???

Poor Royal has been sitting, untried, for a while… but I knew it would be perfect for my review of the next Aphrodite Lacquers Friday Night Glitter Bomb. Today I have Doorman (lol at the name) from the FNGB collection, and it’s a gorgeous sheer blue base with “a colour changing shimmer (from blue to purple to pink), and multiple different blue, black and white glitters.” It is so beautiful, and wait until you see it combined with Revlon Royal. It’s like they were made for each other!

In natural/artificial light

I love the way the tiny shimmer in Doorman comes to life over Royal!!! It looks really sky blue/turquoise in the shot above, as do the blue glitter squares. Doorman just seems to float overtop of this base!

In shade

And finally, a beautiful macro:

I just want to make a note about the square glitter in Doorman: in many indies I own, some of the square glitter, especially with thinner foil glitter, often starts to curl. You can see some waving in some of the glitter in the above shots, but I want to clarify that this was not quite tacoing or curling. It almost gave the glitter a 3D effect, accentuating the jelly look, which I personally love. I used a coat of Gelous, then a coat of China Glaze Fast Forward top coat and the mani was perfectly smooth.

Revlon Royal so impressed me that even though I had removed this mani, I just had to wear it again. Immediately reapplying Royal, the blinding sparkle of yet another unworn Aphrodite FNGB called to me. Check out how incredible Aphrodite Lacquers’ Miniskirt looked over Royal:

Full sun

(Though I’m personally not a fan of accent nails on me, I couldn’t decide between Doorman and Miniskirt – hence the accent pinky! lol)


This was 2 thin coats of Royal, followed by a generous coat of Miniskirt (and a coat of Doorman on the pinky 🙂 ), followed by a coat of Fast Forward top coat.

Miniskirt is so very pretty and versatile. It is described by Rebecca from Aphrodite Lacquers as a “sheer polish base, with green microglitter, a color changing shimmer that goes from green to aqua, and color changing glitter that goes from yellow to green to aqua.” It was a dream to apply. It’s so dense with this microglitter that you could even wear it alone, or over any other colour. And it is pretty smooth to start with which is why I skipped the Gelous coat this time.  I cannot wait to pair it with another undie!!

Edit: I wanted to share with that Revlon Royal did NOT stain my nails at all! I am always nervous when wearing highly pigmented greens or blues but Royal not only is gorgeous, but non-staining!!

So what do you guys think? Do you like one combo better?


Happy Saturday!!!

Today I want to introduce you to the newest collection from the amazing Aphrodite Lacquers – Printemps à Paris!!!!

I can’t even tell you how MUCH I adore this collection. There are seven polishes in total, all with a white or pastel-tint base. White base!!! I love, love, love white bases!!!

Without further ado, here is the stunning collection!!

I adore that Rebecca named this collection in French. How very romantic and appropriate for these gorgeous pastels!!

What I really love about Printemps is that most of them have a slightly monochrome look, with most of the glitter being a shade of its base colour. The exception are two very special polishes in this collection: Nuages (or clouds), which is a milky base with aqua, silver and grey glitter, and the extra-special “party-in-a-bottle” that is Fete Champetre (Garden Party), a lavender base with multi-colour glitters spanning the spectrum of all the glitters in this collection!!!! LOVE! And how appropriately named!

This entire collection will be released on October 1st on Aphrodite Lacquers’ Etsy shop!!!!


Right now, you can WIN this entire collection over on my Facebook page, even before they are released to the public!!!!! The contest started today and runs until midnight on Sept. 29th and is open internationally!

First prize is all 7 BOTTLES of gorgeous Printemps à Paris!!

And 2nd prize is this beauty:

A bottle of Fete Champetre!!!!! Isn’t this so pretty?

I’ll have more swatches coming soon, but in the meantime, follow Rebecca on Aphrodite Lacquers’ Facebook page for the latest news, and head on over to The Obsessed on Facebook to win!!!

Good luck!


Do you love the dance of holo particles reflecting off your nails? Then you’ll want to grab your coffee/wine/protein shake/etc., sit down, and enjoy this post…

Glitter Gal has released a new collection of nine new incredible holographic shades for fall 2012 (spring 2012 in Australia 🙂 ). Have a look!

Aren’t they gorgeous?

Today I bring you the delicate beauty of Wisteria, a lavender, effervescent polish. Don’t let the delicateness of it fool you though, it is extremely holographic!!  I experienced this with another Glitter Gal fave, Frappe, which, though delicate and light pink, was probably the most holographic polish I have ever purchased.

This is such a demure and lady-like polish. As I applied it, I kept thinking how perfect it would be for a special event, such as attending a wedding or shower. Super pretty!

And speaking of application, it applied really smoothly. I find Glitter Gal polishes to be on the thinner side, but not in a bad way. They apply really easily, and because the coats are thinner than other polishes, each coat also dried very quickly. I also adore the glass-like finish that Glitter Gal provides! It actually feels as smooth as glass. Three coats of Wisteria dried to a glossy finish before I had even applied a top coat! I did end up topping up with my favourite, China Glaze’s Fast Forward Top Coat, only because I like to make my manis last without chipping… but there really was no need.

Here it is when I first applied it:


It was overcast and that’s exactly how it looked in the shade. A gorgeous, holo lavender even without any direct light. Love!

Here are more pics from when the sun finally peaked out:

Direct sun

I have no words for that crazy holo reflection. It was all I could do to type/get any work done with that beautiful distraction shining in my eyes….

Some background on Glitter Gal:
This amazing brand was created in Australia by longtime friends Kerry and Anna, both with industry backgrounds, who decided to create a unique and premium makeup and nailpolish product line. Glitter Gal is Big 5-free (Camphor, TFR, DPB, Formaldehyde, and Toluene), cruelty-free, long-wearing and fast-drying, and provides this amazing true linear holographic finish that we love.

To get your very own, check out Glitter Gal’s online shop (they ship internationally!), their Canadian stockist Harlow & Co, or check out the full list of stockists here! Glitter Gal is available in premium-boxed 15 ml bottles or the new, larger, 10 ml bottles that have replaced the old 9 ml smaller bottles (all thanks to customer feedback – how’s that for customer service!).

Don’t forget to follow Glitter Gal on Twitter and Facebook for the latest news and exclusive giveaways!

Do you own any Glitter Gal polishes?? If not… you NEED to own one. I mean, drop-what-you’re-doing-kind-of-need. Go online, and get yourself some holo love. Because Glitter Gal holos are insane.


(Products were provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

Today I have for you another absolutely BEAUTIFUL polish from the incredible Aphrodite Lacquers’ latest collection, Friday Night Glitter Bombs, or FNGB as they’re affectionately called.

This is a really fun collection of glittery top coats. If you follow my blog, or own any Aphrodite Lacquers, you’ll know that this is a little different for the brand. All of Rebecca’s collections to date have been colour or white nail polishes with glitter, cream or jelly consistency, not top coat polishes. That’s what I love about FNGBs – they are so different! And sparkly!!! (If you don’t believe me, also have a look at my last post!)

Enough reading…. here is VIP Room!

I just LOVE this bottle shot!!

And here it is over 2 coats of Zoya Snow White. (You guys know how I feel about white bases….adore!)

Full sun

What is so cool about VIP Room is that the glitter is actually clear and iridescent, not pink or purple or yellow like it appears here. It sparkles in a very blueish, icy way in some light (like the bottle shot), and in other light, it reflects a rainbow of colours. Its creator describes it as “a sheer aqua base, with an aqua shimmer, aqua micro glitter, and iridescent squares that are kind of bluish and purpley and teal.” It is mesmerizing!!!

Here is another pic:


I think this polish would also look incredible with other base colours, maybe black, or even in a jelly sandwich!!

This beauty is available on Aphrodite Lacquers’ Etsy shop along with the rest of this glittery collection. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter for sneak pics and all the latest news!!

Have you tried any Aphrodites?
What do you think about my white base with VIP?


Today I bring you Kiss Your Elbow Nail Polish part 3!

I recently introduced you to these beautiful glittery polishes (here and here) in a Zoya jelly sandwich. I decided to change things up a little (well, only a little) by layering it with another polish, an underrated summery beauty: OPI Big Hair, Big Nails from the Texas Collection. Yes, this is another jelly, albeit a super-bright, colour-dense jelly.

Here is Kiss Your Elbow Autumn Leaves, a clear-base polish with gold, cranberry and orange micro-glitter with larger pink and orange hexes. I love how fitting the name of this polish is – all I think when I see this polish is autumn!

And here it is over 2 coats of OPI Big Hair, Big Nails:

Full sun

I loved this combo!! I loved how bright the base was against the tiny glitter, and how there was just enough difference in colour to allow all the shades of glitter to dance against the backdrop.

But…because I have been on a jelly sandwich roll…

Well, you can guess what I did next:

I added a coat of Big Hair, Big Nails to my index and middle fingers to compare the previous mani to the jelly sandwich, and you know what? I LOVED this! The jelly was just sheer enough to allow complete visibility of the glitter below, yet added more brightness and depth. What a great way to take our summer brights into fall. 🙂

Here it again:


Kiss Your Elbow’s Autumn Leaves (along with five other glittery stunners) is available on her Etsy site!

So which look do you prefer? And what did you think of this combination?


And don’t forget, you can win TWO of your very own Kiss Your Elbow polishes right now on my Facebook page, so head on over to enter!!  Good luck!!



(Some products were provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)



As I was downloading pictures off my camera today to start preparing for a few blogs, I was so distracted by this beauty that I had to get to these pictures first. I was REALLY distracted. And for good reason.

Rebecca from Aphrodite Lacquers, one of my very favourite indie brands, recently sent me a few of her newest beauties to adore, erm, I mean, review. These polishes are stunning, like all of her polishes. And the very first one I have for you is a GEM!!

Peacock Earrings is part of her latest, the Friday Night Glitter Bombs collection, a collection of glittery topcoats. And glittery they are!! Peacock is a clear base with fine holo shimmer, multi-size black and white square glitters, with some teal, purple and blue holo microglitter tossed in for good measure. And it’s a sweet polish too: Rebecca dedicated this beauty to her sister Hannah, who recently pierced her ears so she could wear a pair of peacock earrings! 🙂

She nailed it (pardon the pun) with Peacock Earrings. Check out this macro shot:

It really reminded me of this:


The bottle macro looks amazing. I love the colour combination and this polish truly evokes a pair of beautiful peacock feather earrings.

But I was not ready for this:

Full sun

The sparkle in this polish was blinding! Here I wore a generous coat of Peacock Earrings over 2 coats of China Glaze’s Liquid Leather (with China Glaze’s base and top coats), and what a combo this was!  I originally wanted to try it over another base colour, but I simply couldn’t. Peacock literally lit up this mani, and I wasn’t ready to see it on another colour just yet.

Let’s look at some more pictures:

I love the way the holo glitters light up in different colours!

in the shade

Peacock dazzles even in the shade!!

I don’t always take flash pictures because they can distort the colour, but Peacock looks amazing with flash:

With flash

The flash really brought out the blue and teal in the polish. I’m in love!

Peacock Earrings is available on Aphrodite Lacquers’ Etsy shop along with the rest of this beautiful glittery collection. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter for sneak pics and all the latest!

More reviews of Friday Night Glitter Bombs coming soon too!

What did you think of this glittery gem? 🙂



(Some products were provided for consideration and review.)

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