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I had to have this sucker. Not because of its novel namesake… but when I saw it glistening on Dollish Polish’s page, I just had to have it. If you know me, you know that anything that sparkles beckons me!!

The Many Shades of Mr. Grey is a sparkly new creation from Dolly, the creator behind Dollish Polish. I have several of her beauties that you can see here.Ā  The Many Shades is a monochrome grey glitter confection. According to Dollish Polish, “this glitter polish boasts an array of grey-hued hexagon glitters ranging from micro-sized to large size all in a clear base.” It is literally packed full of grey glitter!

Even though it’s still scorching hot outside, and we are still in the heat of summer, I wore this beauty the day I received it. I decided to stick with the monochromatic scheme and wear it over beautiful Pelican Grey from China Glaze.

Pelican Grey is the ultimate medium grey polish. It needs an even two coats as it can be a bit tricky to apply on the first coat, but it has this very subtle shimmer that makes it THE grey cream to have in your collection.

Let me show you what I mean with a macro shot. Look at that gorgeous shimmer!

Then I added two coats of The Many Shades of Mr. Grey. This looked like a mirror mosaic:

I kept trying to capture the mirror-reflection-look but my camera just wanted to capture each piece of glitter…

The Many Shades needed a bit of coaxing during application to get the glitter to provide coverage, and that is why I decided to add a second coat, but it wasn’t as difficult as some of the bar glitter polishes I have worn in the past. I sometimes get glitter hexes hanging off the edge of my nails, which then act like hangnails and pull on things, so I had to do some maneuvering with a cuticle stick, but again, it was a manageable application.

I also added a coat of Gelous followed by my China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat to try and smooth down the rough texture of the glitter.

So while not exactly season-appropriate, grey is always appropriate in my books, and I loved this look. If you are looking for your very own bottle of moody Mr. Grey, you can try Dollish Polish, Llarowe, and I believe Overall Beauty carries this polish also.Ā  And don’t forget to follow Dolly on Facebook here for the latest restock updates!

What do you think? Summer-appropriate? or always appropriate? šŸ™‚


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  1. now this is a Shade of Grey I can work with…

    and Pelican looks about 100x better on you than it ever did me. I don’t remember the shimmer, either!

  2. Added to my wishlist! I love Dollish Polish lately.

    Is this one hard to remove? I’m having a hard time taking off glitters lately. How do yoou do it?

    1. I love Dollish too! šŸ™‚ You know what, this one will be a pain… I haven’t tried yet lol as I just did this mani… but the best way is to use the foil method, one hand at a time, and let the remover soak it off. Then you just rub it off šŸ˜‰

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