Lake of Glass

I don’t know how else to put it. I am obsessed with A-England polishes.

Lady of the Lake was part of my very first A-England haul and I patiently waited to try it after I had worn the others. The quality of these nail polishes surpassed anything I had ever expected. Both the cremes I tried, Lancelot and Guinevere, applied with a mirror-like shine and wore incredibly well, lasting over a week with barely a chip.

Lady of the Lake is different. It applies like a creme, providing full coverage with 2 coats. It has a slight shimmer to it indoors, with this incredible depth that really makes me feel as though I am glancing into a deep, dark, mysterious lake…

But move into direct sunlight…

A subtle holo appears! The shimmer of Lady of the Lake reflects multi-colour, tiny specks of light and sparkles like tiny diamonds!

Here’s another shot:

The best thing about this polish is that it does not compromise shine or quality like some holo or shimmery polishes can. There is no streaking and the formula self-levels, applying evenly on its first coat. Though Lady of the Lake was shiny and applied beautifully, I did find that a top coat helped bring out more of its lustre. (Guinevere and Lancelot did not even need a top coat.)

I adore A-England polishes, and it’s fair to say this is my new favourite brand. I have placed an order for the new collection and cannot wait to update you with more A-England beauties!

You can purchase directly from A-England here (and shipping is always free!), or go local and purchase from Llarowe in the US.



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