Holographic Love!

What better shade to celebrate Valentine’s Day than pink? And what better pink than Glitter Gal’s stunner of a shade, Frappe?

Let me be honest: I never truly believed the holographic wonder that is Glitter Gal. I did not believe the posts that raved about its linear, multicolour specs of light.

But tonight… I believe!

Words cannot describe the gorgeousness of this holographic polish. Admittedly, the colour is a bit sheer to start, and I debated layering it over a base colour, maybe a light pink, but I did not want to risk losing any holo effect. And so after just one coat….

Frappe applied smoothly and the first coat dried very quickly.  Unlike most polishes that have any type of glitter in them, it dried to an unbelievable glass-like, smooth finish.

I definitely needed a second coat.

Here it is, no topcoat. Just 2 coats of Glitter Gal over a clear base coat.

With a slight blur in the picture, you can really see all the rainbow colours in this polish:

This was my very first Glitter Gal polish, and I am in love!! The colour is just soft enough to provide more of a “neutral” mani, though it will go ablaze in light! (And if you’re a newbie–this colour is so forgiving…)  If there are any drawbacks, it’s the fact that the polish is rather sheer and you definitely need 2 or 3 coats for complete coverage, and that isn’t helped by the mini bottle these have typically been produced in (only 9 ml!). But fear not! Glitter Gal’s website has started carrying a 15 ml standard polish size!! 

You can also purchase these from Harlow & Co and Llarowe, both amazing, independent stockists.

I am in love and cannot wait to try more of these beautiful holos.

  1. Aimee said:

    Yummy! Love this!

  2. Wonder if you used a basecoat in a strong pink if then one or two coats would be enough.
    Maybe even a white or black basecoat.

    • I debated using Pink-ing of You by OPI, or even a more sheer colour like Bubblebath, but I wanted to see the holo effect at its strongest. I’m not sure if using a different colour base would take away from the holographic qualities, but I am definitely planning on trying it! I’d also like to try it with a medium-tone pink base and see what that produces. The options seem endless with the sheerness of this colour… Thanks for your comment! 🙂

    • Oh and one coat would definitely have given a nice effect, though I think with 2 coats the holo is stronger 🙂

  3. Anna said:

    Hey 🙂

    I’ve just found your blog, nice work!

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