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You know when something seems out of reach?? And you really, really have to have it?

That’s how I felt about OPI’s elusive My Private Jet. MPJ was first released back in 2007, but OPI has since changed its formula and colour, for reasons unknown to us all. (If anyone out there is an OPI “mixologist”– please do enlighten us!) I knew that getting my hands on the original would be difficult, but it turned out to be almost impossible to find any version at all!

Thanks to some wonderful friends in the beauty industry, I managed to get my hands on the newer, not-original MPJ. When I first looked at this colour in artificial light, at night, it looked nice. Just nice. I’m personally very into vampy polishes, so had kind of hoped it would be a darker, more sinister shade…

I finally decided to try it on.

And you know what? I was actually pleasantly surprised. The formula was just dense enough that with two thin coats you had full coverage. It applied quite smoothly, and with a coat of OPI’s topcoat, it became incredibly shiny. (Shine is something that’s occasionally not tops with OPIs…)

The colour is nowhere near as holographic as the original, and you really have to be in direct sunlight to capture its holo, but in regular/artificial light, it’s a very chic, charcoal-brown. It almost looks black with golden-silvery specks dancing around in it.


In sunlight, you’ll see some of its holo qualities shimmer — it reflects tiny multicolour specks…


And here it is again, looking almost black:

So? What do you think? Do any of you have the very elusive original?


I don’t know how else to put it. I am obsessed with A-England polishes.

Lady of the Lake was part of my very first A-England haul and I patiently waited to try it after I had worn the others. The quality of these nail polishes surpassed anything I had ever expected. Both the cremes I tried, Lancelot and Guinevere, applied with a mirror-like shine and wore incredibly well, lasting over a week with barely a chip.

Lady of the Lake is different. It applies like a creme, providing full coverage with 2 coats. It has a slight shimmer to it indoors, with this incredible depth that really makes me feel as though I am glancing into a deep, dark, mysterious lake…

But move into direct sunlight…

A subtle holo appears! The shimmer of Lady of the Lake reflects multi-colour, tiny specks of light and sparkles like tiny diamonds!

Here’s another shot:

The best thing about this polish is that it does not compromise shine or quality like some holo or shimmery polishes can. There is no streaking and the formula self-levels, applying evenly on its first coat. Though Lady of the Lake was shiny and applied beautifully, I did find that a top coat helped bring out more of its lustre. (Guinevere and Lancelot did not even need a top coat.)

I adore A-England polishes, and it’s fair to say this is my new favourite brand. I have placed an order for the new collection and cannot wait to update you with more A-England beauties!

You can purchase directly from A-England here (and shipping is always free!), or go local and purchase from Llarowe in the US.

What better shade to celebrate Valentine’s Day than pink? And what better pink than Glitter Gal’s stunner of a shade, Frappe?

Let me be honest: I never truly believed the holographic wonder that is Glitter Gal. I did not believe the posts that raved about its linear, multicolour specs of light.

But tonight… I believe!

Words cannot describe the gorgeousness of this holographic polish. Admittedly, the colour is a bit sheer to start, and I debated layering it over a base colour, maybe a light pink, but I did not want to risk losing any holo effect. And so after just one coat….

Frappe applied smoothly and the first coat dried very quickly.  Unlike most polishes that have any type of glitter in them, it dried to an unbelievable glass-like, smooth finish.

I definitely needed a second coat.

Here it is, no topcoat. Just 2 coats of Glitter Gal over a clear base coat.

With a slight blur in the picture, you can really see all the rainbow colours in this polish:

This was my very first Glitter Gal polish, and I am in love!! The colour is just soft enough to provide more of a “neutral” mani, though it will go ablaze in light! (And if you’re a newbie–this colour is so forgiving…)  If there are any drawbacks, it’s the fact that the polish is rather sheer and you definitely need 2 or 3 coats for complete coverage, and that isn’t helped by the mini bottle these have typically been produced in (only 9 ml!). But fear not! Glitter Gal’s website has started carrying a 15 ml standard polish size!! 

You can also purchase these from Harlow & Co and Llarowe, both amazing, independent stockists.

I am in love and cannot wait to try more of these beautiful holos.

Meet Guinevere. A polish I have been wanting to rave about for some time…

Guinevere is part of A-England’s original “The Mythicals” collection. It is described as a “pale, antique mauve” by its creator Adina Bodana, the genius behind this newer brand that has quickly gained a huge cult following.

And for good reason. These polishes are dreamy. They are creamy and self-leveling, and could almost be one-coaters. And the shine!!! I dare to say that you could almost skip the top coat–that’s how shiny they are.

Described by some writers as “the loveliest woman in all the island,” Queen Guinevere was a fitting inspiration for this stunner. This fascinating colour really is one of the loveliest I have ever seen.
Especially for someone who is not even a fan of mauves or lilacs!

Guin, as I affectionately call her, went on smoothly, and like my previous experience with Lancelot (read about it here), dried quickly and evenly. I applied an OPI base coat with two coats of Guin, followed by a top coat.

I should also point out that a week later, the polish was still as shiny as the first day. Get yourself some A-Englands!!

A-England can be purchased directly on their website here, or from their US stockist Llarowe. Happy shopping!

After my first experience trying glittery Lynnderella Mercurial (read about it here), I was a little… well, unhappy.

It was nowhere near as shiny or as grey as I had seen in other pictures. The glitter pieces did not show their true colours, mainly because of the many, many coats I had used. You may recall I did not use a base colour, so had to reapply coats in order to get full coverage.

Yesterday I was still wearing my beautiful A-England Guinevere when I decided to give Mercurial another shot. Guinevere is a pale mauve–not exactly the colour you may think of using as a base with Mercurial. But I decided to try it.

I used only one thicker coat of Mercurial as I did not want its charcoal base “staining” the glitter. I also used a coat of Gelous, followed by OPI’s top coat.

Here is the new pic vs the old one below.

What do you think? Is Mercurial better on its own or with a base colour?

Hello!  This is my first of hopefully many guest posts here on The Obsessed.  I’m a relative newbie to the nail polish world, but my recent obsession has become just that, an OBSESSION.  I’ve scoured websites and blogs, carefully plotting my next purchase based on many reviews and swatches like this one, and I’m excited to finally be doing my own.

I saw my first Lynnderella swatch on Pinterest, and when I followed the link and did a little further digging I was blown away with what the cult polish genius has created.  These weren’t the typical opaque cream polishes I was used to from the drug store, each polish is seemingly more creative and unique than the last.  Hooked, I finally (after a bit of website stalking) was able to nab my first Lynnderella through her stockist Llarowe, and I haven’t looked back since.

Gotta Love Brains is my kind of polish.  A light, dove grey sheer base with a delightful mix of blue, pink and silver square, small and large silver hex, and tiny blue and green glitters.  My favourite of the bunch is the elusive silver bar glitter, which in the sun has a nice holo to it!
I initially layered Gotta Love Brains over Essie Cocktail Bling, but I found the base colour too blue. Then I tried China Glaze Pelican Grey which was a softer, warmer grey but I had a bad bottle and the lumpy formula ruined my layering of Brains over it.  I eventually settled on a layer of OPI basecoat, 3 layers of Gotta Love Brains and finished with an OPI topcoat.  Finally, I had the mix I was lusting after. It wasn’t too thick with the extra two coats of a base polish, and I could really see the unexpected purple shimmer.

Final thoughts: I much preferred this polish as a three-coater than layered over a base polish.  It felt much lighter on my nails, as I have quite thick fingernails that I like to keep short otherwise they start to feel like dragon claws.  The purple shimmer is more noticeable in the bottle or in direct sunlight, and the one large hex glitter that I managed to get out of the bottle was quite curled and required a bit of wrangling.  As you can see, the actual glitter-polish ratio isn’t very high but I think this is due to my inexperience with applying polish with any sort of glitter.  I’m sure I can remedy this the next time.

I LOVE this polish, and can’t wait for my other Lynn’s to arrive from Llarowe so I can swatch them too.

What do you think?  Do you have any of the coveted Lynnderella’s?

~xo~ Mai

I’ve gotta admit:

I am CRAZY for the Muppets. Collection by OPI, that is.

Here is beautiful Wocka Wocka. A stunning red that is on the cool side… it almost has a raspberry tone to it.

Application was smooth–the consistency was just thin enough to dry quickly but that means it requires at least two coats. It reflects a beautiful shimmer to it in certain light.

Wocka Wocka has quickly become one of my fave reds. I’m not sure what I’ll do when it runs out!

Who else has tried the Muppets collection?

Don’t mind my slightly shoddy job in this pic 😉

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