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When OPI announced their Holiday 2011 Muppets collection, I was unfazed. I assumed that the colours would be tacky and aimed at tweens (I’m not sure why I thought this, knowing how old the Muppets really are…).

Well imagine my surprise when I saw the collection and fell in love with most of it!!

The glitters are cute, though some have been seen before… My favourite colour by far was Designer, de Better!

Designer has a great consistency and goes on nicely. It does have the potential for some streaking (as many metallics like it do). I also needed at least two coats, sometimes three for complete opacity. Designer has a warm champagne-silvery base with flecks of gorgeous copper and red. STUNNING!

The flecks and true colour were hard to capture in photographs, but I hope OPI decides to keep this one for a while.

Click on the pic to see the beautiful flecks!


Try as I might otherwise, I always come back to the precious metals.

One of my fave looks is wearing dark and rich polishes… but it’s also nice to “spice” them up once in a while! I decided to start with one of my very favourite winter colours, OPI’sΒ  Black Cherry Chutney. This colour is the ultimate in vampy: it is deep and dark with a rich cherry, metallic undertone. This colour is simply magic in any light! (It’s an oldie but I always go back to it.)

To glam this (already gorgeous) colour up, I added gold tips–lightly brushing a beautiful gold polish over the tips only. I added a touch of gold glitter courtesy of Sephora by OPI Only Gold For Me to light it up some more.

I LOVE this combination!!!

(My pic does not do it justice. I could not photograph this well!)

I recently made my first Llarowe purchase, which included a few lovely and beautiful A-England polishes that I’ve been dreaming about for a while…

After much self-deliberation, the first colour I decided to try was Lancelot, described as an “intriguing mysterious black red garnet” on A-England’s web site. The colour is extremely deep–to the point it looks black in most light. I simply adore deep-dark polishes like this!


The colour glides on like a dream. It’s thick enough to almost cover in just one coat, yet goes on smoothly and dries rather quickly. Even without a top coat the polish was super-shiny! I used an OPI base coat, 2 coats of Lancelot, and finished with a coat of OPI’s top coat. The only thing I realized was that if you’re too stingy with the top coat (as I was), you’ll leave streaks on your polish. I fixed that later!

After a few days, I wanted to change things up a bit. A while back I had seen a wonderful review of Essie LuxEffects on Scrangie‘s blog, and I decided to top off Lancelot with Essie’s A Cut Above, a multi-size pink glitter suspended in a clear base that I hadn’t yet had a chance to try. Can I just say… WOW!

The pink glitter seemed to hover overtop of the deep base, almost like a gorgeous constellation or a pink nightsky!

Lancelot+A Cut Above

Here I added another coat of Lancelot (just because!) one coat of A Cut Above, and another coat of OPI top coat. The clear glitter base combined with the top coat gave my polish an almost gel-like look that I just love! The polish is even shinier than before, and what impressed me was just how quickly this combo dried! The Essie formula was good and packed with glitter. It was denser than some other glitters I’ve tried, meaning I didn’t have to go digging in the bottle to get enough coverage!

So… what do you think?

Essie’s LuxEffects was released for holiday 2011 and may still be found at some beauty suppliers; A-England can be purchased from Llarowe or directly from A-England.

I have a problem.

I am obsessed with nail polish. I am obsessed with makeup. I just can’t seem to get enough of either. (And we’re not even going to get into the shopaholic piece here…)

After much thought and encouragement πŸ™‚ ~~ here is my take.Β  The Obsessed.

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